Thursday, October 30, 2014

It takes courage I assure you!

This is my 4th self portrait and this is not getting any easier!! 6 more to go...

I have been trying SO hard lately! I've been doing these ugly portraits it seems almost like torture. I can't make myself look pretty and the eyes are always cock-eyed! 

Another lesson in humility. I'm seeing what I can't do, I've never been able to do well but I understood something tonight:: I love the hard,dark line too much. It flattens everything out, but I love it hell with you Rembrant give me some Matisse. Who's got time for all that subtlety?

Last night I had dinner with the band Vapors of Morphine-- or in other words Morphine! Long story short the sax player is like a big cuddle bear with mad skills and amazing tone. We talked about art ALL of dinner and he told me how to better cure my reeds, and prepare them for playing. He is an amazing guy and next year at Honk! I'm going to visit him and his family. They live in Sommerville.

He asked me questions about my art and told me about his process too. It was a lovely exchange. He's kinda serious but with a goofy, jokey side. Yes I'm at home with famous musicians-- yes!!! More please.

Today I see myself
-trying very hard to learn and overcome the plateau
-attempting to internalize the suggestions that countless friends and family have told me but that I'm tired of hearing
-working through lethargy
-adept at talking about art and very opinionated!
-going out on the town more (but not working, just for fun)

Tomorrow I have 3 shows!!! Yes, it's Halloween and witches I'm booked up! 

I'm sooooo excited! 

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