Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring 2012 Painting a Day Fundraiser>again at last

Yellow Reflection - Painting # 1 - Radixxx Fund-raiser
Hi Peeps! please check my facebook or DD Dagger Page for the painting a day fundraiser deets. I'm trying to press my cd that's just been digitally released. Here's todays painting. I'll be doing it for 21 days...That's enough $$ right???

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My talented pal Jamie Panzer and i put art in a new Hostel

Panz and I enjoyed putting our art in a new Hostel downtown at 7th and Brazos...check it out when they open! It's called Firehouse Hostel
Pics: my large scale flower woodcut on fabric, Jamie's psycho-landscape on paper, view of downtown from the 3rd floor window

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

CD Release of Radixxx Finished!!! available through ITunes next month

I totally dropped the ball finishing my documentation on the making of Radixxx. How it totally and fully encompassed me in a mind-body-spirit way.  It was WAY harder to put on this show and make this CD than I anticipated; and after the fact, that makes the job well done even sweeter. It was totally a success! If you know me you know I'm a perfectionist, and although I fight that tendency, I rarely give myself a pat on the back. So here it is:: a full on H-U-G to and for myself and team. Here are some pics of my rockers and friends that helped make the show grand. Also, please visit my new website!! The CD will be available to the public in about a month.
The cover I just designed for Radixxx. Photo: Todd V. Wolfson

Miss Sue Purr, Pretty Lady @ @ CD release of Radixxx 3-1-12

Great Artists, Great Friends: Jamie Panzer and Mistress Stephanie
@ CD release of Radixxx 3-1-12
Sabrina Ellis and Johnny Walker performing
@ CD release of Radixxx 3-1-12

Melissa Bryan and Terri Lord
@ CD release of Radixxx 3-1-12

Miss Alpha Bunny!

At our last dress rehearsal--Sweatbox Studio

Beautiful Dancers: La Pistolle & Alpha Bunny

DD Dagger

Max Vandever and Mike Vasquez

Phil Arapaju: Ring Leader for the recording 

John Ashley, awesome drummer, awesome friend. 

Mike Vasquez, Mr. Sweatbox

Chad Tracy lead guitar on Playing with Fire and
Finger on the Trigger

Supa Freaky! Mr. Nic Armstrong at Sweatbox Studio
recording the duet, Watch This Fire Burn

Nic Armstrong in the studio singing lead on the
 duet: Watch This Fire Burn

DD Dagger. Looking worried. 

Hillary York: Singer, not Drummer!!! at the
recording of Sea of Eyes