Thursday, October 8, 2015

Not everyone gets a horse

I'm reading that book Wild. I'm on a plane, headed to my next street band festival, Honk! In Boston, Providence and New York.

It's the 10th anniversary, and it's the biggest street band festival there is - I think. 

If you've read this blog you know street music has changed my life. I used to think street musicians were kinda like homeless people- sorta begging in a way. Excuse me! I'm from the burbs of Houston. 

Or, I would appreciate the street jazz musicians in New Orleans- but still kinda think that's not for me. Not until I joined The Marching Band.

I'm not particularly nomadic, so I don't fit the street musician lifestyle. But I do love my big Minor Mishap Marching Band- traveling 2-4 times a year, playing in the streets, making people happy- surprising them- and enjoying an alternative-lifestyles group of people. Smart people! 

I'm reflective- I'm going back this year and a lot has changed. Last year I was newly single after 14 years but had a boyfriend that I knew from this very Honk! Festival; the year before. I met him 2 years ago and my life changed dramatically in the coming year. 

He wasn't the reason but the impetus to leave my husband. I left because I didn't know, and couldn't see, a joint future anymore. 

But you know what? The man I chose to pursue was much like my husband! He is introverted and a bit sullen. He is a workaholic and a terrific musician. He plays sax and is a great talent. He is quiet and judgmental. He is amazing.

In short, he is a lovely person and I mean that. They both are. They ALL are I don't waste time with chumps. 

That lover has moved on, much to my dismay last year he dumped me on my last day of Honk! I was devastated and surprised. He's now married, he told me. I thought he was my guy but I was wrong. That's what I now know.


So not everyone gets a horse. But this  girl gets a sax!! A Bari sax to learn and play! And these songs aren't easy....I tell ya.