Friday, January 23, 2009

i'm so very sleepy

But I thought I would put up a post anyway. I've launched a new web site for my music, DD Dagger. ( I'm in the middle of launching a flurry of other sites, too. I'm a graphic designer by trade, musician by night. My company is called Lipsting Media. I thought I would drop a post in:::and make a shout out. 

BLAKEEEE please get me into Coachella! I'd met Blake on the airplane going to NYC to play some shows with my buddy Mishka Shubaly. Blake and I sat next to each other on the trip over and made friends. Turns out Blake does promotions for Coachella, and does live lasers and also DJ's. 

He said he would pass my info alongggggggg. Who knows? Put a good vibe out there for me please web peeps! I'd like to hit LA this time with a crowd. Last summer I went and played in this large empty room in Echo Park. Wasn't anyone there. It was a last minute pick up gig, but still. 

I'm off for now:::More news later.