Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ASH Bash - Fundraiser for the Austin State Hospital

ooh guess what?? Another art show. another music show. another community event I'm happy to be involved in. This time it's ASH Bash - a party and art auction for the Austin State Hospital. I've given a painting (the digital version posted above) and it's up for auction. Here is the web site http://ashbash.org/. As a side note: did you know that the campus of the Austin State Hospital is a historical landmark? It's downright beautiful but creepy There are historic trails to walk and a really old school building and church on campus, too. It's open to the public so if you're in Austin it's worth a visit. Check out the ASH Bash-- Art by Professional artists as well as inmates/clients of ASH

Friday, September 3, 2010

That last blog title was for THIS post::: Show for HAAM at the ND

I am a community gal. I don't always "make the scene" as they say, and I'm not a hipster. I'm a hip gal that happens to be obsessed with art and healing which is why these events are so enjoyable to me. The ND is at 501 Studios, it's a huge venue, and the sound there is really great.
Please come join me!!! I go on at 4:30 pm.

another gig, another benefit!! well musician's NEED it!

I thought I'd upload the image of myself at the Pixel Pop show. I really was happy as a clam. I've got a mural commission for a montessori school coming up. I'm very excited. It's been years, but I did paint murals professionally. Speaking of professional mural painting::: wish me luck I applied this year to Blue Genie Art Bizarre. I have done it in years past, but it's been a few. I'll have Lithographs, paintings, prints. I hope I get in!! http://www.bluegenieart.com