Monday, July 12, 2010

Electric Promotions presents: Pixel Pop Fest Feat Austin area artists and musicians to benefit HAAM

Hi cyborgs. I'm so passionate about engaging with my community; so when amazing designer/promo princess Candice Carlisle invited me to present some art at this upcoming HAAM benefit I wanted to do something special.

IDEA: to sketch ahead of time an iconic pop painting (such as a Lichtenstein) art work and paint it live on site. The bigger the better- I'm going to figure out how much time I have and make it huge.

MATERIALS: Acrylic Paints, Paintbrushes, Water, Love.

COMMUNITY: Let's face it: creative, expressive minds are prone to addiction, depression and health problems. I know ALL humans are, but my heart is in the creative community; and most full time creatives don't have health care. Right?? This special community propels Austin forward and gives it it's unique vibe. (OK the nature here is pretty cool too.)

WHAT: has given my artist friends a lot of mind/body/spirit support. What I'm doing is a live large-scale painting and auctioning said painting. The proceeds will go to HAAM.


Allyson Lipkin aka DD

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh blogger I've forsaken thee

But, alas I have committed to making my blogger more active. Many times I'll have quick thought so I'll usually facebook it- but then those thoughts disappear as the steam continues. This week has been a big musical week for me in the thick of the ATX summer. You would think everything comes to a grinding halt mid July but things start picking up around this city. The students have moved out but the tourists are IN.

Anyway Monday this week was a milestone for me as I've finally completed and mixed ONE, just one, track with my friend Producer Mike McCarthy. ( Because I don't have a record label or $$money, I somehow convinced him (all skill, of course!!) to come over and help me record in my studio kitchen. I'll post later the mp3 after it's mastered this week. It is one of my favorites to date. A BIG thanks to Mike for going out on a limb with me. The song's called "Falls Apart".

That was LATER Monday night. Earlier Monday I rehearsed 2 songs with "The Seas". They're having their CD release at the Beauty Bar this Friday. I go on at 10 pm followed by a killer band "The Latest". That's Bob Taylor's band...I remembered that we were in a rock opera together in the mid 90's at the Electric Lounge: I could BARELY squeak out a tune on my horn. It was my very first Live Sax gig. I remember Buzz Moran played Tenor and I alto. OH and Aileen Adler was the *star* goddess in that piece- She looked so beautiful with her wild pink hair.

So Nurk from the Seas and I are doing a duet for his show- we'll be tied together- that's all I'm sayin' for now. You'll have to come see the show...but I rehearsed with his band who I think is the NICEST band in ATX I know.

Tonight was an amazing practice with The Something Ain't Rights. (and I dislike long and intense rehearsals- for the most part I'll grunt and groan about each and every one...) My OLD old pals Mike Vasquez and Bryan Nelson at back at it on guitar and bass respectively. (Bryan's filling in for Phil Arapaju) I play sax of course. My old band is back!! It used to be called SisterRunNaked. I love Nelson he's so fun and funny. It was nice to hear Mike giving him a hard time about who cares? We've played together off and on for 10 years! I get it now why bands play with the same people in different bands over and over. It's FUN if you can get along.

I checked out Mike's studio control room because he's totally decked it out with some vintage gear, a new white pleather couch, and a bunch of cool posters up. (

These fingers are getting tired. So that's all for now. Please catch me playing this Friday or with "The Something Ain't Right's" on Mike's birthday July 22 at Club Deville. I'm bringing cupcakes, and We're going to screen the video we made together.