Monday, November 30, 2009

A really talented Producer

<\span>We got along pretty good right from the start; An instant connection! A creative that spends most of his time helping other creatives achieve their creative goals in the recording studio. It was disclosed to me that he doesn't take every job, but the ones he finds stimulating. He's an amazing music producer located in Austin, hometown. We got together to talk about music and jammed for awhile in his studio. I played drums for awhile, he played this weird guitar/bass thing, then we switched. Lost are the amazing sonic moments...they floated away into the air. I love that! A special time, indeed, very bohemian, just hanging out. Meet Producer Michael McCarthy...

Artists' Portrature

Hi out there in cyberland. I've taken some portraits recently that I consider compelling. I have a fascination with artists and musicians; really anyone that is highly creative and immersed in whatever creative discipline. I'm closer to some of these people more than others; but these people all fall into my close hemisphere in some way or another. I hope you appreciate their artistic worlds as much as I do!
This first set is my friend Billy Harvey. I think he is such a highly creative person- a real auteur - controlling production of his music and film career to such an extent- it's inspiring. Why? He is unflinching in the vision of his work. Have you seen his movie Everywhere now? I went to his premier and laughed my ass off- it is really hilarious and heartbreak-warming. We met for a coffee clatch during his brief visit to Austin. In his hands in the right pic is his birth certificate- I can't remember why he pulled the certificate out...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh what a horrible blogger I am

I am quite prolific in other areas, though...I facebook incessantly for instance. I create a lot of web sites, and finally drumroll....I've edited my first video footage. My friend Nathan Espen held this camera for me and caught some great moments in my performance on Nov. 14, 2009 at the 4th annual G Spot Backyard art party. This party always coincides with the East Austin Studio Tour, a fabu art crawl that is very prolific here in ATX.

Cris Burns and Virginia Meza sat in with me at this show- Cris on Guitar and Virg on Cocktail drum with vocoder effects. It was a wild party! Cris projected his video art too. And, as always I had my props to play with in between stints playing sax and guitar. Let me know what you thing! Please visit:

AND check out my next show at the Moose Lodge on Dec. 17, 2009. It's the annual ChristMoose Party. Also a party for this feminist blog, .

More details on my facebook page: