Monday, November 30, 2009

Artists' Portrature

Hi out there in cyberland. I've taken some portraits recently that I consider compelling. I have a fascination with artists and musicians; really anyone that is highly creative and immersed in whatever creative discipline. I'm closer to some of these people more than others; but these people all fall into my close hemisphere in some way or another. I hope you appreciate their artistic worlds as much as I do!
This first set is my friend Billy Harvey. I think he is such a highly creative person- a real auteur - controlling production of his music and film career to such an extent- it's inspiring. Why? He is unflinching in the vision of his work. Have you seen his movie Everywhere now? I went to his premier and laughed my ass off- it is really hilarious and heartbreak-warming. We met for a coffee clatch during his brief visit to Austin. In his hands in the right pic is his birth certificate- I can't remember why he pulled the certificate out...

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