Saturday, June 29, 2013

From Deep Sombreros to Morphine

After all these years some of the sax work I did with the Deep Sombreros still holds up. I had a favorite song that neither me or Peter (the other contributor) wrote that I adore. It's called Ay Chingo-go-go! 

Our drummer Joel had a roomie Matt Giles. He was a guitar player that also played trumpet in high school. Maybe inspired by our garage rehearsals, He wrote this beautiful Mexican- Herb Albert-y song that captured the heart of what the Deep Sombreros were about. Of course Peter added his touch by shouting, at Chingo-go, go! During the song. Hilarious.

A take a solo in the middle, I feel like a queen! I felt like the real deal every time we started that tune. It was solid. 

Wait, I am the real deal! I just didn't know it back then. 

In the car today I played it once, I played it twice. A true summer jam.

Then Morphine came on. How appropriate! 

I reflected on his short poppy sax licks. Charlie Parker is my favorite player, but the sax player for Morphine is next. 

It's the perfect mix of rock and diminished minor notes that bring in the blues. Genius.

Lets say a prayer that long time pal Mark Shuman finishes his documentary on Morphine soon. 

He knew them, and brought me to the one and only concert I saw of theirs at Liberty Lunch in the late 90's in Austin.

That documentary is long overdue! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Glass Arts and big band music in Dallas Texas

Hello arts and music lovers! I'm writing this when all 18 of my band mates lay snoozing in various parts of Brad Abrams glass studio.

I've learned I'm usually the first asleep and often the first awake.

My band, Minor Mishap Marching Band in the last year has taken me to some interesting places. Places that I wouldn't normally attend on my own as a spectator: Art Outside, Mardi Gras New Orleans, and now to Dallas to see Brads work and meet his friends.

He is a talented glass sculpture artist, both fusing and blowing glass, to create thick, textured layered pieces that are translucent and earthy.

Last night we played two sets while fire dancers spinned and people danced.

Afterwards he showed me around the studio and told me about his work. Since I made stained glass and tried my hand at fusing glass for 10 years this was a real treat. He leaves his furnace blazing 24/7!! "It's an addiction", he says.

Late night before bed Brad made us a pudding pie with berries and his best friend Allison told me about rock and roll stories in the nineties- Nirvana coming to town and her times as a DJ. She was very sweet!!!