Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally, collaboration with Tin Hat's Mark Orton completed, posted!

Mark Orton is a very prolific composer, songwriter, and band leader of the group Tin Hat. Some of his movies include: The Real Dirt on Farmer John, Everything's Illuminated, and many more. See his biography here on Artist's Direct:,,969849,00.html

Anyway, he's very great combining his personal style that stems from jazz and blues with a new style  americana from buddies Bill Frizell and John Zorn. 

More to my point, he's my brother in law and we collaborated on a song when I was there last summer. I sang James and the Shondell's "Crimson and Clover" and he played his varied instruments. (Eboe, Chello as a bass, melotron or something like that, and a good old acoustic Martin guitar.) 

You can hear that song on my page It was the final addition to my new record entitled "Femmie Auteur" It will be the bonus track. 

Because.....I recorded and played myself all the instruments on the upcoming release aside from that track. The amazing Cris Burns helped me mix it and put it all together in a nice sounding package with some extra zing-zang. 

So the release is near release-able and that makes me very happy. Considering I hadn't recorded anything but a scratch track before this record popped out I'd say  I did pretty well. Lets see if I can get some critics to agree. 

You never know what music will catch the attention of a person's mind. Could it be the instrumentation, the quality of the voice, what the song's about? Or a simple none of the above. 

At any rate,  I'm just putting myself out there, once again. Damned if you do, damned if you don't right??

Please stay in touch!! 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

DD's art show in March with David Garza @ Cafe Mundi

1. All art $100 at the show
2. There with be live jazz upon entering the establishment
3. Bring your kids and friends.
4. We love art, music.
5. David and I have known each other since college- he dated Julianna Sheffield and she was my neighbor in a duplex by the Posse East. 
6. My art teacher Bob Anderson played their record (Twan Twang Shock a Boom) during our life drawing class- seriously like in '92! 
7. check back for more details...


DD Records Sax with Tom Ovans

Tonight!!! Just before the Boss' moving superbowl performance I, DD, made an appearance with my sax at Sweatbox Studios. I recorded a song with Tom Ovans. He mainly plays in Europe: He got four stars in Mojo for his last effort, "Party Girl" ! He was very sweet; (gotta hug and some cash coming for my performance). 

Me and Mike Vasquez (trumpet) played some memphis style horn section type stuff on a song for Tom- and then DD had a sax solo at the end. Ovans is living right here in lil 'ole Austin Texas. 

"Currently based in Austin, Texas - Ovans supplies the knd of songs that ensure this albums contain no fillers. Stab the track -find button at any point and the resulting slab of dirt road folk-rock is guaranteed to impress" -Mojo about "Party Girl" 

I'll let you know when his record's coming out:::on record label 00:02:59

Now can I get me a review like that???? 
Stay tuned for my record "Femmie Auteur" coming out in April:::it has some saxy on it too....

Currently listening:
Party Girl
By Tom Ovans
Release date: 2008-01-13