Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This post has nothing to do with MUSIC! and all to do with The Dom next door

Well she's not next door:: she's around lets just say. My fun-loving Dominatrix! Tonight, on this special night, I got to see her in action! Her house, OPEN, and full of chains and stuff! Her cabinets, with sex toys! Her stilettos casually, tossed about, and lube bottle(s) strewn. She has a slave, one that "gets off" on doing chores or whatever the Dom says. It's not sex, it's chores. THEY LOVE IT. Slap Slap do this do that! Look at me ! LOL It's so foreign to me, to be dominant in that way. And to imagine that it's someone's fantasy is wow.

Here's how I am dominant: zzzz I know boring. I'll get back to her in a second :-->>>>

- I lead a band, and it is MY project so I"m the boss, in the end. Though I try to take into consideration feelings, blah blah zzzzz I lead.
-i own my own business and don't take orders from many. I can't stand managers, but clients I love.
-I can be pretty bossy when I feel comfortable, but I don't hardly know how to ask someone to do something for me, or more to the point why anyone would help! I shrink at the thought that someone would spend time just HELPING ME. Regardless, people do come over and help me around the house (like Laurie -- thank you. she showed me how to Tile my kitchen) and I'm grateful. But, my main frame of mind is REALLY? Million Thanks! I"m always surprised. AND I rarely ask for help. I have to be pretty desperate.

Back to my girl! She is teaching me a lot about myself in reference to dominance and submissive roles and personalities. I've become more conscious of the types of people I have been dating, how I treat people and how they treat me, and the friends I choose...and... I ask her advice. Not cause she's a Dom, but because she's a good listener and gives good advice. She's very level-headed.

But mainly i'm currently interested in the psychology: Dominant and Submissive. Before my marriage ended, I read "The Erotic Mind"  A book recommended to me by my bff therapist. It was very fascinating, and reading that book it made me realize that I lacked a fantasy life!!!! I had none. Oh trust me I live in fantasy land...but it's more of in a spaced-out stoner way via arrested development.

Here's my favorite description of that book: The Erotic Mind is a breakthrough exploration of the least understood dimensions of human sexuality—the psychology of desire, arousal, and fulfillment. 

Back to the DOM! what part of the brain makes you want to be a slave to someone? I'm fascinated.

Also, more to my point, why do some people have great chemistry and others don't? THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON. It's not just all "pheromones". It's how someone treats you, how they touch and interact with you. How they make you feel and how you make them feel, their backgrounds...etc.

But there is a part of the brain that controls all of this and it is really mysterious. Because people are mysterious. And varied, SO VERY VARIED> Everyone is so different. It really is exciting in a way: the brain.

I think the Dom has said it over and over that everyone is slightly different. I think it's her job to be confidant that she can deliver what they like. I'm not sure, but maybe it's not all that different from people's various taste in music, or art.

Anyway, back to me and my woes: I got friend-zoned today. Yes we had chemistry. We weren't boyfriends so it's not really a big deal. But, it was over before it started. And I knew it wasn't forever. So I can't be too overwhelmed. I'm a bit underwhelmed, actually. But I shed a tear anyway. I shed a tear for all that wasted chemistry. I know it can't sustain anything for too long. But I don't take it for granted, either.

Just like I'm not going to take for granted anything, really. I'm going to continue to live, let live, and learn from the DOM. !!!