Monday, July 12, 2010

Electric Promotions presents: Pixel Pop Fest Feat Austin area artists and musicians to benefit HAAM

Hi cyborgs. I'm so passionate about engaging with my community; so when amazing designer/promo princess Candice Carlisle invited me to present some art at this upcoming HAAM benefit I wanted to do something special.

IDEA: to sketch ahead of time an iconic pop painting (such as a Lichtenstein) art work and paint it live on site. The bigger the better- I'm going to figure out how much time I have and make it huge.

MATERIALS: Acrylic Paints, Paintbrushes, Water, Love.

COMMUNITY: Let's face it: creative, expressive minds are prone to addiction, depression and health problems. I know ALL humans are, but my heart is in the creative community; and most full time creatives don't have health care. Right?? This special community propels Austin forward and gives it it's unique vibe. (OK the nature here is pretty cool too.)

WHAT: has given my artist friends a lot of mind/body/spirit support. What I'm doing is a live large-scale painting and auctioning said painting. The proceeds will go to HAAM.


Allyson Lipkin aka DD

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