Thursday, February 20, 2014

Royalties from Sound Exchange // performance rights // web streams

I did need a boost and I got it! Things are slowing down here for me in the Big Apple! We've written the songs- we're recording them on Sunday. I've met with *most of my peeps and I've visited some art. I've watched dance, been all around town, learned better the subway (I'll forget again...)

But today I needed a boost, as I didn't feel like visiting the museums or walking around a bit aimlessly with no money!

A few good things happened! A collector called me and wants to buy some art when I get get back to often does that happen??

I got $ in the mail from a client and...drumroll....$370 coming from Sound Exchange in streaming Royalties!!

Wooooohoooo! In case you're wondering those are not DD Dagger royalties-- they're from my garage rock band called The Easies. I only did one record with them before I decided to go solo and never "break up" a band again.

The song that gets the most guys is Peach of a Gal. It struck a chord! Thank god for that!

If you listen to Pandora Radio please make a station with DD Dagger or The Easies. It's my mailbox money!! 

I've been praying for rain for years. 

Xoxo Dags


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