Monday, February 17, 2014

Ghetto jewelry in Brooklyn | crown heights | A train | DD Dagger

!'m Excited I finally got a second to head down (again) to Fulton Street and Nostrand Av. My new Brooklyn gal pal Allison Tray from #tresbelle #salon #beautyonbond has me blogging. But, she also sent me a glowing review of me and #Raindoggs new video #brooklyn #girls. (See attached photo). In it, a girl asked where did she get those handlebars? #Raindogg and I were confused thinking she was talking about my boobs, but no! She was talking about my ghetto earrings! Where DO I get them? I have quite a collection.

I like the earrings BIG especially for live performances I started my collection 2 yrs ago in #neworleans. They were big--- but ├╝ber heavy too! Today I look for huge yet light earrings. my best finds? Dollar stores! I make it a point to go in and I have found the best ones ~ wild ones .. One random Dollar store in Portland #pdx made me go nuts!

But back to Brooklyn::: I was on my way to #Bushwick heading toward Nostrand and Fulton to get out there...

And I came across a small Mecca of cheap ass jewelry. Big! Light! Cheap! All the best qualities. ...don't pay more than $5...I stopped first in Danice- -- I also bought a $3 pain of leggings:-)

Here they are ladies! What I bought anyway...

Good luck on your search!

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