Monday, February 24, 2014

NYC (Chelsea) Studio Shoot with savvy photog Ed Verosky // and instructional video on You Tube

Fun, talented, and ambitious NYC based photog Ed Verosky took some time with lil old DD Dagger in his Chelsea photography studio last week.

I met Ed about 4 years ago right before he and his wife made the move to NYC to pursue a full time creative life in the Big Apple.

I could definitely tell a difference in both of us when we reunited for the first time since our last Austin, Texas shoot -- in 2010! We've both improved in style and taste. Ed for his skill and direction -- for me it was precise and very helpful. Lead with your eyes. I needed to hear it! For me: I had more fun, felt more confident, and was more loose and free.

I had a ton of fun. He has a passion for music and musicians (just my luck!) and it is obvious he still, after 20+ years of shooting, likes to have fun and goof around.

See the instructional video he made here: and subscribe to his YouTube Channel! See all the shots Here:

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