Thursday, July 21, 2011

Playing with Fire bare bones rough cut demo

Hey guys. Thanks for looking. Super rough cut demo process vid here. No fancy singing or guitar playing. Just the bare bones of this song to present to the musicians for recording purposes. This I'm using my blog as a process notebook I wanted to show how I learn these songs. I'm not a trained guitar player but I need it as a composition instrument however frustrating that is. I am a studied Saxophone player and I just haven't put the same kind of energy into playing the guitar. Either that, or it's a more challenging instrument for me.

Either way, I've chosen not to record the guitar parts on this record- or not the main ones, anyway; so that a more intricate and professional sound can be achieved. I think it's the right choice for this record. I'll lay down sax and probably some keys; but the bass, drums and guitar tracks will be laid down by experienced players.

I've chosen master jazz player Chad Tracy to play on this jazzy number with Phil Arapaju on upright bass.

I hope this will create a terrific mood for me to sing/play sax over.

Thanks for looking! stay posted I'm going to be adding more vids and posts if time permits.
Next week I'm volunteering to be a band coach for Girls Rock Camp. A bunch of my female player friends have already done this for many years: Miss Jackson, Melissa Bryan, and Carrie Clark to name a few.

Thanks for looking!!

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