Sunday, July 3, 2011

OK Y'all gearing up for the recording and CD release.

**images posted are for inspiration ONLY for the La Pistolle dancer costumes.

Painting a day is OVER! With some money saved I've got my downpayment for the recording process, thanks everybody for your support.

I've switched gears and have started writing new tunes for the upcoming release, Radixxx. On board is local engineer Mike Vasquez at Sweatbox Studio. I also play in his band and have recorded with him numerous times over the years. We're tight, shit's tight, and it's all going down. I'm excited to announce (drumrollllllll) that amazing jazz guitarist Chad Tracy is going to lay down some licks as well as Phil Arapahu on upright bass for the first three songs. I'm not sure who's on drums but my first pick's Kory Cook for this ensemble. Look those guys up they've played in a million awesome bands but they all have one thing in common: they're versed in Jazz and that's really important to me at this time. It's got to swing HARD!

However, after these first 3 recordings I'm going to switch the team up and get all the angles: indie pop, electronica, rock and jazz are said angles.

What makes this process interesting to me is that there are several layers to it:

1. I had to raise some money to get into the studio
2. I have an amazing opportunity to work with a master costume technician (we traded I make websites see my work here: These costumes are for the CD release party. (last release I didn't do a thang! But it has sold modestly listen here: ) We've come up with a theme and Becca's getting her designs together and I'll be documenting that. Thanks Becca!
3. I'm studying up on set design: I'm going to paint a back drop so we'll have some original art to look at among the dancers and musicians.

What's confusing is how I'm going to pay for it all! Pressing CDs, Recording, buying costume materials::: I'm overwhelmed.

I do have faith, however, that things will get done if even on a shoestring. That's what being an artist is all about. Working it out creatively.

I want to post pictures and document this process as I go through it. Right now we're working on the costume designs. Normally, this would NOT come first but Becca L Miller is moving to LA in a month. She's just finished her masters at UT (only one of 3 in her class!) so we're full speed ahead.

I've also been writing new tunes after not writing much in the last 2 years besides a couple of numbers. However, 3 -6 songs are already written and either they didn't make it onto the last record or I forgot they existed. I'm recording those demos for the musicians and dancers to learn.

This is it! I'm doing it and it only took deciding to do so. My last record was released in June of '09. I've listened to it today and in my humble opinion it has stood my own test of time. Besides some technical issues that I have with it, I think the songs still stand as original and fresh///If I might say so myself.

If you're out there reading this please check back. I'm going to post band related items more on this blog so I myself can recall how the hell I do what I do.

Thank you!

dd dagger

**images posted are for inspiration ONLY for the La Pistolle dancer costumes.

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