Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Making of Radixxx with DD Dagger, Becca L Miller, and the La Pistolle Dancers

Becca Fitting
Progress! Becca is making the costumes:: we're stepping into so much fun. I'm attaching some pics and some video to document our process together.

This Bust is a Must
The bust. It's made of leather, it's gold, with buckles and will be nice and shellac-ed for a cast-iron look. We've taken a few ideas from Beyonce; thank you B. You're costumes are killer. I'm going to solder some funky eyewear too with chains and stuff. It's so Dagger!!

Dancer Costumes
This is La Pistolle in her gold lame dress with the spiney back piece Becca's making. It's base is plastic ferns on wire; but we're going to add a spine and spray paint it so it's all tricked out. The Radixxx theme is organic; very much my thing if you've seen my artwork. Radix is Latin for Root; and I'm taking that literally and figuratively. From the front you won't see a thing; then when they turn around it will be a scene.

La Pistolle, testing the movement of the piece:

Talking about the possibilities:

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