Monday, August 24, 2015

Why are chicks SUCH Biatches!? To each other a lot of the time.

Part of me thinks people are just harsh on one another, in general - even as they turn and smile at you and give compliments...

...But I've noticed I'm really hard on female singers. I critique them harshly; probably more harshly than the men I see performing, singing. But when I love them I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, and for forever.

PJ Harvey, Cat Power, Holly Golightly, Eartha Kitt, Locals like Datri Bean, Lauryn Gould, Karla Manzur, Laura Scarborough, Liv Muellar...lord I can't think of any more that I like right now... The Catastica girls!!! ((You're welcome to add in the comment bar your favorites -- we all different I get it.))

But, in order to show I'm not a total bitch here is a link of 4 more I haven't heard of that you might like. See? I'm ok. you're ok.

I see a lot of live music! And, in a way, I can almost always find something to like about it: about the musicianship, the songwriting, their haircuts, their outfits : you know the important stuff.

But back to my perceived problem. Why don't I like the chick singers I see or hear on the radio that much? First off, there are a lot less of them to choose from. But, Here's what goes through my mind:

Their timber is harsh or grating, particularly in the high registers. Their songs are lame, they're pitchy (dude I KNOW I AM but I play the sax and I think that helps) They're boring to watch, or I happen to know them personally and they're not friendly or they're competitive so I can't get behind them. They're too vanilla, or they sound like someone else.

I was listening to a new female artist who looked very interesting to me: Andra Day. I saw her on the airplane back from Brazil. She is a hottie, black woman, with a very vintage 50's look. I LOVE RETRO! And Spike Lee directed her video. I watched it. I listened to her interview. I liked her a lot. Most of her songs seemed to be about relationships. The video was kinda boring. And, she sounded just like Amy Winehouse.

Look GIRLS if, when you open your mouth to sing and you sound like Amy Winehouse CHANGE YOUR SOUND. She'd regrettably dead, and she'll be the queen of that affected, distressed, I want to fuck you sound forever....

HO HUM. I can't stop.



  2. Players gonna play....haters gonna haye... Shake it off girl

  3. Players gonna play....haters gonna haye... Shake it off girl

  4. Ohhhh i love Amy Winehouse....
    Whatch my blog

  5. Ohhhh i love Amy Winehouse....
    Whatch my blog