Friday, March 27, 2015

I feel really selfish!!! The syndrome that centers in the Brain

Why isn't the garbage man picking up my trash? I swear to God if they miss this week again I'm going to freak. I feel the same way about my emotions these days. I missed therapy this week because I wanted to take the Brazilians that are staying with me to Mexico, the border town of Piedras Negras.

We had a blast - they are fun-loving amazing people- and I bought some beautiful brown boots that would cost $300 at Alan's Boots...but I'm suffering a bit, not sure why. I've been skipping my writing too! I'm going to my sax lesson in a few minutos and that centers me.

When I'm feeling selfish, hurt or confused I try and turn it around. I try to think, how can I think about your feelings instead of my own? How can I be of considerate of what you're going through? That might be compassionate but I have to think of my feelings too. I have to be careful about who I get close to. 

I usually walk around with a genuine smile, love of people, and pleasure for life but I'm terribly sensitive! I think too much and I think I have an anxiety problem. Maybe you wouldn't know this about me if you don't know me well because I don't show you! Lol but I'll write about it publicly. See how that works?

Because I am a "stuffer" of difficult emotions I've developed this disorder that I just learned about a couple of years ago. It's called Tension myositis syndrome.  I found out about it through my photographer friend and collaborator, Mark Zell. His wife has it. She came to my SXSW show. We discussed the syndrome, lol. It was nice.

So Sarno is a psychotherapist that characterized this condition: I'll describe it as a psychological pain disorder. It centers in the brain. It is TOTALLY a mind fuck and I don't think it's real, but it's real nevertheless. It is real because it gives me debilitating back pain, which is also information to me that somethings wrong with my life. In other words I have garbage to take out. WhOA.

It was made famous by Howard Stern. Watch the video:::  Is it any wonder the Jews are heading up the promo on this??  LOL Stern, Larry David.

The brain is a major wonder. I have a lot of questions for my own brain. I would like to hit these questions up in a future post.

OH guess what? The trash man just came by. FULL CAN done. Out, over with. Until next week's full can of trash....

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