Monday, January 26, 2015

Joy or no joy? Give it up take it back give it up again.

There it is! All around me - joyous moments of laughter, dance, song, friends and love.rz.

Talented people - everywhere! It brings me such joy. But I have trouble staying in the moment and my brain wants to latch on - to something. Anything! 

It's really a time to be riding the river, so I wonder why, since I know this, that my brain wants to drive me nuts by trying to grab onto a branch and stay there- stagnant. Like a mini whirlpool - a spin cycle. A negative feedback loop! 

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Lol? Are my references clear?

I want to rejoice in my new life, my new freedoms, the moments alone and with people that make so happy. 

Last night, Marnie,  me and the boys laughed so hard that I almost choked up the salsa that I was eating- I had SO much fun. All over burritos. It had everything to do with being hilarious and in the moment. Nothing to do with hiding from myself or my friends.

Personal Jesus is playing on the iPod now.

Violator is such a killer record. 

Im at the laundromat and the black attendant just showed me the new weed ::: Droo or something, that smells just like weed. He insists its better! 

How? It's $10/gram! Jesus. And he scored it in a matter of 5 minutes. I'm on 12th street. 

I've got 5 minutes to finish drying before this joint closes....

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