Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hey how are you? Fine how are you?

Hey what's up? 

Aww nothing I just rode my bike to the grocery store. (Yaaay!) instead of the scooter. I feel like a bad ass! Simple pleasures. That grocery store is whacked. I almost had a kaniption cause I couldn't find the random things I needed. I felt like a complete stoner walking around aimlessly. Of course, it's Sunday night so they're out of everything.   While looking for some witch hazel I got on all fours and started clearing the bottom shelf looking for one last lonely bottle! A guy in a red Shirt (undercover HEB staff) comes by to check me out to make sure I'm not losing it. 

But you can't lose it! Cause sometimes, there are like cute guys around :-/

Speaking of cute guys...I was there to get baking stuff. I'm making cookies tonight. For both my Hubby and my lover! That's sweet of me, right?

....hmmmmmmm how's that going?

......mmmm it's going fine- but I'm like tired all the time - I think I'm depressed. Fri-sat-sun I couldn't barely get off the couch! And I have like a lot of work to do!
I'm pretty zapped all the time. Listen- I made up with McCarthy! He said he's going to mix my record. He a genius! ...and he owes me! So maybe this record will get out soon. In the meantime Marty's going to mix the single so I can go ahead and send it out. Raindogg and I thought we should release them all as singles one at a time, since McCarthy agreed to do them "in his spare time". 

That's a great idea! Nobody releases records anymore. It's so 1998.  

Yo the single is a cool 2:13 seconds! Very Ramones, and also very Blondie. I sing really high on it. Also with a slight British accent. Retarded, I know. I want you to hear it soon, Scams! I gotta run. I'm full of popcorn and coconut water and I want to ride home and get to bed early. Hey have you watched that show Californication?......

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