Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've done a lot of studio work for engineer Mike Vasquez of Sweatbox Studios. However today, I finally got paid!!! Yes, the critically acclaimed Tom Ovans gave lil ol me, dd dagger, a nice check of an undisclosed amount to play on his new record.

Thanks Tom!!!! He is/was a totally sweetheart. Why the hell didn't I take pictures in the studio???
unday, February 01, 2009

Sax Recording with Tom Ovans
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Tonight!!! Just before the Boss' superbowl performance I, DD, made an appearance with my sax at Sweatbox Studios. I recorded a song with Tom Ovans. He mainly plays in Europe: He got four stars in Mojo for his last effort, "Party Girl" ! He was very sweet; (gotta hug and some cash coming for my performance). Me and Mike Vasquez (trumpet) played some memphis style horn section type stuff on a song for Tom- and then DD had a sax solo at the end. Ovans is living right here in lil 'ole Austin Texas.

"Currently based in Austin, Texas - Ovans supplies the knd of songs that ensure this albums contain no fillers. STab the track -find button at any point and the resulting slab of dirt road folk-rock is guaranteed to impress" -Mojo about "Party Girl"

I'll let you know when the record's coming out:::on 00:02:59

Now can I get me a review like that????
Stay tuned for my record "Femmie Auteur" coming out in April:::

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Party Girl
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